Battlefield 2042 overhauls Specialists with new class-like system

DICE has announced a series of revamps coming to the beleaguered Battlefield 2042, including a rework of the game’s unpopular Specialists.

In a lengthy blog post, DICE has detailed how it will bring “classes back to Battlefield” by reintroducing the “classic and familiar” Assault, Recon, Support and Engineer as groups in which existing Specialists will sit as “unique sub-classes”.

Each of these classes will be tweaked to restrict gadget usage, enabling players to “better assess the threat”, and assign new class traits.

These changes are a “big undertaking”, DICE wrote, and will not be available in the game’s imminent Season 2. Instead, these will form part of Season 3 – specifically, it’s expected, Update 3.2.

Other changes will see existing Specialists continue to be improved, with ongoing work on their voices, body posture and facial expressions continuing, as well as further balance changes.

Fan-favourite weapons such as Battlefield 3’s M16A3 Assault Rifle and M60E4 Light Machine Gun will be the first of several older guns to be returning, with later weapons such the P90 and AKS-74u on the way.

Launch maps Renewal and Orbital are also getting a spruce up.

In June, Martin sat down with DICE to discuss its next steps for the game, which it has admitted was a disappointment. Things have improved but it’s taken time, Martin wrote at the time – not to mention one of the most radical overhauls the series has seen behind the scenes.

DICE recently announced that Battlefield 2042’s next map is set to arrive with the release of Season 2 in September.